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Is your Phone Ageing you?

Is this something you have even thought about? How could your mobile phone possibly make you age? Today’s post investigates this notion and offers insight into the best products available to combat ageing effects.

Our phones have become an intrinsic part of modern, daily life. We keep in touch with loved ones, check our bank balance, answer emails, play games, read the news, watch our favourite shows and so much more. Whilst remaining connected is important, at Elle Aesthetics, we would like to highlight, that as with everything, balance is good. The world will quite easily pass you by should you let it.
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Sherrie Hewson on Cosmetic Surgery in Hollywood

In today’s post we are talking about Sherrie Hewson and her visit to LA!

The big question was ‘How do Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and the Kardashians look so fresh-faced? Shown on Tuesday’s Loraine, you can catch Sherries experience of trying out new treatments in order to see if it really is possible to look younger, here.  

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Our new website

Hi and welcome to our first ever blog, we are excited to be bringing you are new website after a long wait and a lots of hard work, we decided to re brand early this year with a new name and look for our clinic, we wanted to create a calming restful clinic where patients feel valued, dipping your toe into the water of facial aesthetics is a new experience for patients and here at elle we want patients to feel that we provide a place that is friendly, calming and the staff are approachable.

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