Aesthetic Trends 2019: Profhilo

As the New Year commences, talk of fresh starts, resolutions and self-improvements are in abundance – and as we attempt to overcome the dreaded post-Christmas fatigue, likely still etched on our hopeful faces, it’s the perfect time to look forward to the upcoming beauty trends of 2019.

This year, it’s all about you. The American Aesthetic Society anticipates a major shift in the cosmetic landscape, with clients moving away from celebrity references and refocusing on individual beauty. Requests for ‘celebrity features’ have already fallen dramatically, with patients instead opting to become the ‘best version of themselves.’

Now, you can be your own Instagram Idol. Clients have begun citing filtered selfies as their desired look, with a Valencia glow and Facetune tweak at the forefront of the wish list. With a focus on subtle results and personal enhancements, one product is emerging as the ultimate game-changer.


‘The best thing I’ve seen in a long time.’
Olivia Falcon, The Times Beauty Journalist.


A long-kept secret of beauty editors and the Hollywood elite, Profhilo is the selfie-saviour of 2019. A non-surgical procedure consisting of up to 10 small injections, it targets tired sagging and crepey skin with a rejuvenating burst of moisture, for a bright flawless complexion.

What is it?

Described as a ‘bio-remodeller’, Profhilo causes neocollagensis and stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin. Collagen is the main structural protein in our bodies and is responsible for the ‘plumped-up’ vibrancy and elasticity of young skin.

How does it work?

Our bodies rely on a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to produce collagen. However, this process rapidly decreases after age 30, leading to the relatable issues of sagging skin and wilting complexion. A safe, synthetic hyaluronic acid, Profhilo mimics the actions of the body’s naturally occurring hyaluronic acid with seamless dispersion into the skin, boosting collagen production, improving elasticity and smoothing the skins’ texture for an Insta-worthy glow.


‘I liken it to putting the most flattering Instagram filter on your skin.’
Olivia Falcon


As with any cosmetic treatment, it is vital that the procedure be carried out by a trained, qualified and licensed professional, in a safe and clean environment. Profhilo requires the precision injecting skills of an expert Practitioner in order to ensure the precise depth (not too deep for that dewy revitalised-look) and optimise its effects. At Elle Aesthetics, our Lead Practitioner Lynn Lowry is a Master Aesthetician with over 10 years’ experience in Cosmetic Medicine and an exceptional in-depth knowledge of Profhilo treatments.


For the best results, it is recommended that you undergo two Profhilo treatments spaced between 4 – 6 weeks apart. The effects last for around 9 months. Embrace your own beautiful, with Profhilo.

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