The Juvederm Facial Filler Experience

At Elle Aesthetics we like to keep our blogs based around real treatments and experiences. We endorse Juvederm fillers and today’s post brings you the journey of BritMums Jennifer Howze.

Intrigued by the thought of facial fillers and armed with the desire of ageing gracefully, Ms. Howze embarked upon her journey via research and discussions with friends.

What exactly is Juvederm?
It’s a facial filler that’s injected under the skin. The job of the filler is to plump out areas that naturally lose volume as we age. Target areas include apples of the cheeks and the lines between the corner of the mouth and lips. The product itself contains hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that naturally occurs within the body.

Jennifer attended a consultation:
Discussing the aspects of her face she was unhappy with, Jennifer was disappointed to learn her consultant agreed. It’s understandable that we all have our insecurities. It’s human nature that when we air these we expect others to tell us ‘no…. They’re not that bad’! This was a professional setting however where honesty is a must. Aspects included circles under the eyes and deepening lines between the nose and outer corners of the mouth. With the aid of Juvederm, it was explained to Ms. Howze that the tissue could be plumped up underneath and provide support.

The Procedure
Using a cold compress directly onto the skin, the injections were administered. Jennifer concluded the feeling was uncomfortable but not painful. Everything was checked along the way ensuring results were natural and symmetrical.

Advised against exercise for 24 hours, Jennifer Howze was told to even avoid any extreme facial expressions. This is to prevent the movement of the gel. Juvederm offer a full list of guidance, safety information and side effects. Among the most common are tenderness and slight bruising. Ms Howzw experienced a little of both which lasted around two weeks. Bruising was simply covered by concealer and nobody seemed to notice. After a few weeks, Jennifer was invited back to clinic where she was administered a small top-up in order to account for full symmetry.

Results for Jennifer Howze
Jennifer made it clear she felt nervous about having a product injected into her face. She didn’t want to ruin her existing looks making this a legitimate concern. Overall, when looking in the mirror, Jennifer felt great. Her reflection sho0wed a better matched image that she sees in her own head. An image of years gone by with features that are ageing gracefully.

Cost and Frequency
Juvederm lasts anywhere between 9 months and a year. It’s recommended to top up after around 7 months before the effects of the initial treatment completely wear off. This way, when you revisit you provide continuity. In terms of cost, this depends upon the clinic you choose. It should be reputable, knowledgeable and hold all of the relevant accreditations – just as we do here at Elle Aesthetics.

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