5 Beauty Trends of 2018

Today’s post looks at 5 of the beauty trends of 2018 as predicted by Harpers Bazaar back in December of 2017.

At Elle Aesthetics it is our business to know and understand beauty trends. Based in Stockton, clients visit us from all over the country and this is because we are knowledgeable, professional, highly reputable and understand the needs of our customers.

Masks and Patches

Ah, the rise of the selfie! 2018 sees a very different world to that of say 1996. It’s possible that now more than ever, we have become more conscious about how we look (and not just for Instagram). Masks and patches have grown in popularity as they offer a quick, instant fix. Sales for large companies such as Superdrug have doubled. One place that’s really ramped up masks is Korea. They have a solution for everything from cuticles to lips.

Our Contribution: Radara, a 3D printed eye patch designed to ease the appearance of crow’s feet. This product is very similar to botox.

Body Skincare

It’s not just the face that we are keen to look after. More and more people are starting to use cleansers, serums and acid exfoliators for the body. Results offer a fresh feel and great sense of well-being along with a lovely, healthy glow. In the UK, we live in a cooler climate than many. This means we have even more of a reason to keep skin hydrated.

Our Contribution: Speak to us about products we recommend in order to keep your entire body hydrated. This will differ from person to person dependent upon skin type.


Vitamins and minerals are of course a hugely important factor in the condition of our skin. It’s said that in 2018, there will be an increase in awareness of this subject and that the introduction of supplements will be commonplace. If you eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise and take a supplement based around your personal design and makeup, the chances are your skin will look great. Enhance this with some cosmetic treatments and you will remain youthful for longer.

Our Contribution: The supplements we take are based upon an individual set of needs. Learn about what your body needs. Research what’s available and again, ask us for advice.

Everything Bespoke

Well….. We could have told you this! The bespoke option means that whatever beauty treatment you investigate, it will be tailored towards you completely. If we look at the beauty industry as a whole, makeup is becoming more bespoke, you can create perfumes to match your own scent and specialists are even using DNA analysis to arrive at their conclusions. It’s all very clever stuff.

Our Contribution: Every treatment we offer is bespoke to client needs. From dermal fillers to a Vampire facial, we assess everything required to determine the best course of action.


Seemingly, it’s all about the beauty gadget. Not only do we ensure travel with our hair tools and accessories, we are now including the likes of light therapy masks and microneedling devices. Some of the equipment available includes Neutrogena’s new Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment. As time progresses we are likely to see even more skin related tools appear on the market. We wonder what is set to be the big seller this Christmas!

Our Contribution: Keep an eye out for the latest gadgets and next time you visit us, let’s discuss results!

We have looked at just half of the beauty trends for 2018 listed in Harpers Bazaar. Take a look through the remainder and let us know if you think there are any that you have noticed which are not currently listed.

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