Sherrie Hewson on Cosmetic Surgery in Hollywood

In today’s post we are talking about Sherrie Hewson and her visit to LA!

The big question was ‘How do Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and the Kardashians look so fresh-faced? Shown on Tuesday’s Loraine, you can catch Sherries experience of trying out new treatments in order to see if it really is possible to look younger, here.  

Sherrie begins her journey by telling us how lucky she feels within her career. Age doesn’t appear to have stopped her and Sherrie admits to working flat out across her working life. That said, it quickly becomes apparent that she feels the ageing process has had a big impact on her personal life. She mentions having been alone for 16/17 years and it’s clear that a huge part of this comes down to confidence. Sherrie bears reference to the beauty and confidence once held by her mother and it’s immediately apparent of the high regard at which she held her.

Sherrie happly tells viewers that not only has she had work done in the past, she would get more. Why? Because she doesn’t like getting older. After what appears to be a luxurious first class flight, Sherrie lands in Hollywood and quickly heads across to Beverly Hills. It is here she meets Dr Marc Mani, one of Hollywood’s top Cosmetic Surgeons. Sherrie is intrigued by Dr Mani who explains his current signature procedure which involves the removal of fat cells leaving only stem cells.

In contrast, Nurse Jamie offers non-surgical treatment and holds a salon frequented by the Kardashians. Sherrie asks Nurse Jamie for her opinion to which she told how gorgeous she looks. Keen to offer  her the full Hollywood experience however, they quickly get down to business. Starting with hyaluronic acid, Nurse Jamie injects around the temple to a very relaxed looking Hewson. She then moves onto her neck and when commenting, Sherrie admits she would like some more so is going to head straight back!

Upon her return, Sherrie undergoes the Hollywood Mummy. Placing a stem cell mask across the face, neck and upper chest, the results promise a dewy glow, perfect for having just before an event. Followed by a minimal carbon-dioxide peel, Sherrie seems thrilled with her treatment.

Sherrie concludes that whilst she didn’t really understand what the treatments were, it just goes to show that women similar to herself will jump at the chance if it means the ageing process is slowed down!

We think Sherrie is fantastic. Whilst she appears to lack slightly in confidence, this is something she is more than happy to overcome via non-surgical procedures. If you feel similarly to Ms Hewson, remember, you can always speak to us. Specialising in wrinkle relaxants and treatments specific to your needs, we are here to talk you through the options.

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