Is your Phone Ageing you?

Is this something you have even thought about? How could your mobile phone possibly make you age? Today’s post investigates this notion and offers insight into the best products available to combat ageing effects.

Our phones have become an intrinsic part of modern, daily life. We keep in touch with loved ones, check our bank balance, answer emails, play games, read the news, watch our favourite shows and so much more. Whilst remaining connected is important, at Elle Aesthetics, we would like to highlight, that as with everything, balance is good. The world will quite easily pass you by should you let it.

How often do you clean your phone?

Ok, here’s a scary fact. It is estimated that your phone actually contains ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Just let that resonate for a moment……. It’s not a pretty thought is it? As soon as you have read the remainder of this article (most likely using your phone), dash off for some antibacterial wet wipes!

Effects of UVA

We are confident that this won’t be the first time you have heard about UVA. It is a scientific fact that rays can not only damage skin, they encourage the ageing process.

So how is my phone ageing me?

High Energy Visible Light (HEVL), also known as blue light is found on our phones, computer screens and televisions. The beauty industry is now investing heavily into products designed to protect against screen-face and exposure to blue light. Just like SPF was the buzzword of the 90’s, HEV is set to be term of preference!

How can I protect my skin against blue light?

Now this is where we can help you. The best way is by using a broad spectrum SPF. You are looking for a cream or serum that contains something called Alpha Arbutin. This is clinically proven to treat hyperpigmentation and prevent pigmentation forming.

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